Thanks to the discipline he is practicing, his international visibility and to the amazing images from the world of kitesurfing, Mitu’s personality lends himself to advertise a wide range of products, not only those strictly connected to his sport.

Mitu is frequently the subject of documentaries, sporting events and a wide range of adverts (Ex. SKY NUVOLARI; TV5 FRANCE 1^PRIMETIME; ON THE BIG SCREEN FROM DECEMBER WITH NUIT DE LA GLISSE FILM).

As well as his role as an international rider, Mitu has two kite schools in Sal, Cape Verde. One of them is a beach club with bar and restaurant which attracts more than 10,000 people a season.

Listed below are some examples of products that Mitu could represent:
Watches – everything on the arm
Sunglasses – everything on the face and head
Shoes & Flip Flops.

He is available to put logos on his clothing and sports equipment or to be sponsored by other brands.

He is interested in sponsoring everything connected to:
green ideals
water in general
air (he does astonishing aerial tricks and most of his pictures areimmortalized in the air)
healthy drinks and food
Activities of every kind
Ideas connected to the outdoors, people or ethic communities
Ideas connected to sport ( he is a 360’ athlete, practising every kind of watersport from windsurf, surf, bodyboard, Stand up paddling and spear fishing)