F-One Kites

F-ONE is a leading company in the kite industry. What makes it different from the other brands is the fact it is led by a rider, who doesn’t care about trends but only about passion. This is the reason why all the F-ONE products are designed for the very specific needs of the sport. All the prototypes are made in France, and every single piece of equipment is personally tested by the boss. F-ONE is very selective in its choice of the team. It benefits from a very professional staff who participate actively in the life of the company.


MANERA is the new F-ONE division dedicated to technical gear including harnesses, wetsuits and a full collection of specially designed travel bags. The aim of MANERA is to be fully aware of the real needs of the athlete and create a unique and highly desirable product.
MANERA is original, innovative and constantly developing.


Leader in the national insurance market, Garantia is focused on the development of the life field, offering a fully diversified range of solutions for individuals and companies. In 2010 it was awarded the most reliable Cape Verdean brand, thanks to its particular strategy of product distribution, which makes efficient answers to all clients’ needs.
Garantia has sponsored Mitu since 2011 and in 2013 Garantia chose Mitu as its testimonial for its national TV advertising campaign.

After several years of developing a worldwide reputation and showcasing a unique style of riding, the Mitu Monteiro Brand was launched in 2012. It is a unique clothing collection, rigorously manufactured in Italy. Each detail has been tested and designed by Mitu and his professional team.
The Mitu Monteiro brand represents Mitu as an athlete with many connections to his mother country Cape Verde, making it a unique collection. It is designed for the whole family with a complete collection including sweaters, t-shirts, bikinis and boardshorts.

You can find it in the exclusive shop in Sal, Cape Verde or buy online at: http://www.mitumonteiro.com/store.

For more than 50 years KARIBA has offered a wide selection of concealed and external cisterns and a whole catalogue of accessories and spare parts, rigorously “Made in Italy”. With millions of items sold worldwide, KARIBA produces and sells toilet cleaning cisterns that responds to the needs and continuous innovations of the market, thanks to cutting-edge technology, dedicated and motivated coaching staff and the faith of its customers.

KARIBA can satisfy all end users necessities for space reduction and water savings without leaving out technology and design. KARIBA’s philosophy is to combine creativity, service, support, quality, warranty, tradition and innovation.